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Summer Kisses
Cassi had been really nervous, getting ready for the date they'd accidentally scheduled on the summer festival day. Since neither of them really wanted to go to the dance, they went ahead and went on their date instead. She and Nadia had been slowly getting closer over the past month or so, and it was wonderful. She didn't know if they were dating yet, but that was what the date was for. So that they could officially try it out and enjoy each other's company in a decidedly non-platonic way.
So, when the time rolls around, Cassi waits by the gate of the school for Nadia to come up so they can walk to Hill Valley for a cute romantic date at a restaurant or a walk through the park.
Nadia was glad for the break from flats and the break from the school, her heart beating in her throat at just the idea of not having to be stuck in one place or have to go to the dance. No, she was going to be with Cassi.
She reaches the gate, at long last, smiling at Cassi. "You look good!" She blurts out, ey
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hey, so i've been needing money lately so i'll be doing some cheap ones.

fullbody/full colored sketches for 5$ a body with a simple background

like these
Slaydie Hawkins Iris/Porter by vanillabirb Kids Sketch Dump by vanillabirb Blind Date Lala by vanillabirb

And writing commissions for 7$ for about 3-6 thousand words, depending on what i can manage off the prompt.

spookyghostnerd.tumblr.…  spookyghostnerd.tumblr.…  spookyghostnerd.tumblr.…   

basically, send me a note or a message on tumblr, i go through paypal and i could really use the help.


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